Friday, May 31, 2013

Home-based (online volunteer) vacncy-Jobs in Uganda,

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  Provide fundraising advice, home-based (online volunteer)
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 Business and administration Number of volunteers: 4
Rwenzori  Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities
: English
 Hours per week:
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Provide fundraising advice

The organization seeks for volunteers that will be able to support it to source for well wisher individuals, institutions, churches, charities, etc that would be willing to support the organization as donors for its projects.
The volunteer will serve as an advisor on the strategies of fundraising and approaching potential donors. He/she will not be involved in soliciting funds but advising and guiding on drafting messages to approach potential donors.
The volunteers will support the organization to improve its potential to access donors. They will work together as a team with the director of the organization who will provide all the information required by the volunteers to facilitate their work. All correspondences will be done on email and any other means agreed upon
RAP-CD runs three programmes including parents’ empowerment, medical and education for children with disabilities and runs a school for blind and deaf children under education. Donors seem not to be taking disability as their area of priority and this limits our resources. The volunteer will therefore support us to source for those donors that may consider disability as a priority area of funding.
1- To improve the organization’s capacity to get and maintain donors
2- To improve disabled children’s access to education and medical services through an improved donor base.
Region or country: Uganda
Development topic: Integration of marginalized groups
-Fundraising and resource mobilization
-Project management
-Computer literacy

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